Top Trends in Car and Limo Service Industry

The car service industry has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. For instance,  ride-sharing has become an essential part of the transportation system with companies like Uber leading the pack. But it’s not ride sharing industry that’s only enjoying the boom. Self driving cars, limo services and logistics are also trending topics in the car service industry. This article discusses the top trends in the car service and limo industry you should know in 2019 and beyond.



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In 2009, after the US economic recession, ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft started gaining popularity. Today, ride sharing is major transportation 

According to the Washington Post, Global Express Limousine sales, which were once more than $5 million annually, fell by half because of the growing popularity of ride-sharing companies. Ride sharing not only allows you to request a taxi with your mobile app but also its also more affordable than conventional taxi services. This form of transportation will continue to grow as more innovative innovative ride hailing apps join the market.


Technological Advancements


Rapid technological developments in the car industry have changed how we view our cars. Today, modern cars come with advanced features that leverage big data, electricity and cloud computing, etc. More technological advancements are expected as more innovators join the car industry.


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Limo  Designs


Limos now come in all shapes, sizes and designs.From stretched sports cars, shuttle buses, Pink Cadillac Escalades to party buses finding a suitable limo isn’t a challenge anymore. The  industry will continue to witness new limo designs with manufacturers focusing on comfort and luxury. Also, while ride sharing companies have reduced the market for limo service by half, limo will never go out of fashion. There are always people who want to travel in style and comfort no matter what.



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Chauffeurs Training


Today, chauffeurs are in great demand in the car industry because of the demand for luxury transportation. As a result, chauffeur training schools are cropping up each day to train new chauffeurs. In the future, most charuffer courses will be offered online rather than in a physical class.


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Car rental 


Car rental companies are struggling to sell their inventory because the supply of cars is higher than demand.Electric cars are also disrupting the market  due to environmental concerns. Meaning car rental companies are expected to struggle selling the inventory as customers get more choices. In addition, mutually beneficial partnerships are being formed in the care service industry. Companies such as Herts, Apple, Avis and Wymo are leading the way for new partnerships in the service industry.


Wrapping up


The car service and limo industry is expected to register positive growth even though it faces many challenges. Car rental companies on the other hand will be forced to find ways to compete with popular ride- sharing companies like Uber and Lyft. By improving their services and reviewing the price charts, car rental companies can compete with ride sharing firms without a doubt. All the trends  mentioned above will continue to evolve with technological developments being a key leading factor. 

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