Top 5 Best Airports in the US

Without a doubt, Airports in the US have become better and better over the years. Today customers can enjoy improved facilities and better service delivery. However, not every airport has it all figured out, some lack modern facilities, have poor customer service and can’t handle a large capacity of passengers. If you frequently travel across the US, it’s highly likely that you’ve come across good and  poorly maintained airports. Wondering which are the best airports in the United States? Here are the five best airports in the USA. 


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Indianapolis International Airport (IND)

Often referred to by the initials IND, Indianapolis International Airport is one of the best airports in America. The Airport is owned and operated by the Indianapolis Airport Authority, and it’s the largest airport in Indiana. The airport has many domestic passengers the whole year round and is also known for its excellent cargo services.


In 2018, the airport managed the traffic of 9.4 million (highest traffic ever) with 145 daily flights and 50 destinations. It hosts non-stop flights to Paris and the West Coast. The airport was ranked first by Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Digest and TripAdvisor for its first-class customer service.


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Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport (MSP)

MSP is the largest and busiest airport in the upper Midwest of the United States. This international airport is located 10 miles south of Minneapolis, it served approximately 38 million passengers in 2017. Modes of transport at the airport include buses, light rail transits, and taxis.

Not to mention, MSP is an excellent place for entertainment, food, and dining. What’s more, you can shop trendy shoes and clothing in the stores located inside the airport. You will be surprised to find many great clothing stores. 


Bradley International Airport (BDL)

This airport is owned and operated by Connecticut Airport Authority, BDL is one of the busiest airports not just in New England but in the entire US. The airport is famous for its convenient parking, charging stations, free Wi-Fi, excellent restaurants, shopping stores, unique transport systems, and a relaxed atmosphere. So if you live in New England, be sure to check out this awesome airport. 


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Savannah Hilton Head (SAV)

SAV is a small airport handling around 3 million passengers annually. It is located 7 miles North West of Savannah Georgia. This airport provides excellent access to famous golf courses and beaches in Hilton head island. In addition, SAV has a historic street with benches and a large clock mounted under glass ceilings. Savannah Hilton Head was named one of the happiest airports in the country in a recent survey.


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Portland (Oregon) International Airport (PDX)

Portland (Oregon) International Airport is one of the top airports in the United States. This airport is commonly referred to as PDX, it’s known for its excellent accessibility in terms of roads, rail lines, and bike paths. In terms of entertainment, this airport has a 17-seat movie theatre where passengers can relax and enjoy watching a great movie. Some of the flights the airport supports include domestic, international, transcontinental, and intercontinental flights.

In closing, most airports in the US strive to satisfy customers. However, the airports mentioned above are the top picks of the bunch if you’re looking at great facilities, awesome service delivery, and remarkable customer service. 

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